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Herf Harmony

While we enjoy smoking a good cigar after a long day (or week) with our favorite drink, we also enjoy smoking with friends, colleagues, and at time strangers. Herf Harmony members enjoy a monthly invitation to an exclusive event or experience. Giving us a chance to enjoy or cigars together!


For us, it started in 2020 during the pandemic. It felt like the world was closed. Initially, we were just fine with the world being closed. We had our cigars, a comfy couch, a welcoming patio, our favorite libations, and a mountain of content to stream ... everything necessary to sustain through the lockdown. During month three, it became apparent that getting out of the house, if only for a moment, was necessary. One of the few businesses open was the cigar lounge. The desire to be around people, drove us to our first cigars. We liked it! The rest is history. 

(History that is captured in our blog ... )

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