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Thank you for being interested in learning more about Herf Harmony. As we hear your questions, we will update the FAQ. So, check back often. 

  • When are you launching?
    We have a soft launch date of August 5th. The launch event will include opportunities to sign-up for a monthly subscription and meet the Herf Harmony team.
  • Why does Gen AI know my preferences?
    Gen AI, by default, doesn't. During sign-up we ask a few key questions to get started. Simple questions like "what is your favorite stick?", "do you prefer long or short sticks?", and a few more. We use your responses to generate a matching score with potential cigars and then work really hard to add the cigars with your highest matching scores to your box. Some new sticks and some favorites every month. That's the goal.
  • I have additional questions. How do I ask them?
    Simple, just send us an email at
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